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All politics is local

The people are not even supposed to care about the federal "government." Our form of "government" has been so watered down in this country. You got voters in new york city having effect on voters in Texas C/O Obama. We're supposed to have nation states. Instead we have just states. 50 separate laboratories of freedom is what the founders envisioned (okay maybe not 50 but you know). The people are supposed to be focused on state DELEGATES (btw) - not anyone in the federal "govt" - the delegates are then supposed to (in a RE-Public) vote for their congressional DELEGATES. This way you can't have election fraud... all the state delegates' votes are published.

FYI- Represent means to "personate" - Personate means to "appear in the person or character of another without their consent or knowledge, in feigned character in order to DECEIVE.

That's what your Attorney does when they "represent" you.
That's what your representative does when you REGISTER to vote regardless of if you voted for them or not.

And these attorney's just laugh at the "dumb Americans" because they can't even follow the word to "personate" which is a SYNONYM of "represent."

Look up "attorn" in black's law (4th) it's basically the act of stealing!