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Comment: I've been thinking along these lines

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I've been thinking along these lines

the past few days. So many patriots, constitutionalists, conservatives, and depending on the state, even democrats, are riled up (and rightly so) on the Feinstein bill or Obama threatening to steal our God-given right to defend ourselves by executive order. The pro-2nd Amendment articles and true stories have been fantastic on it and are blood-stirring.

But at the end of the day, how many of these patriots have actually called our Congressman and both our Senators and tried to educate them while we demand that they uphold their oath of office and defend the 2nd Amendment?

Capitol switchboard is 202-224-3121

Furthermore, how many of us have contacted our relatives, networks groups, neighbors, co-workers, and church friends, and asked them to call the Capitol and do the same thing?

Or have we been pacified on this crucial issue simply by vicariously identifying with someone online/TV/radio who agrees with us? Or just basking in the knowledge that when the Feds come, we won't register and we won't surrender? Let's use our brains and get enough people to peacefully win this through pressure. From my understanding, even if Obama does it by executive order, it can be overturned with a certain majority in the Senate & House (does anyone know the exact majority number?). We have nothing to lose by storming the Capitol with phone calls, emails, etc!!!!
George Washington, "When Firearms go, all goes."