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Comment: "US citizen" is just a title

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"US citizen" is just a title

Your name in ALL CAPS is a title in the capacity of a "US citizen" - pull out your Certificate and take a look. Your mom and dad (usually) are titled in proper case (upper and lower) then your title is in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.

Any idea why they would be in a different case?

It does help to make lawful public notice... which I have done.. three seals - yours, a notary... and a certificate of authority from the secretary of state - Article 4 section 1 of the constitution "full faith and credit" are due - it is a public Act as defined in that section. However looking back on it all what's really going on is the title you choose to use... which is your RANK in society.

Your "christian name" which is your "first" and "middle" name is what you should be using... that is your GIVEN name.

Then it's all about if you are an "employee" of "government" (which is only a corporation like wal-mart). If you're an employee of a corporation the constitution still applies but it protects your UNLIMITED RIGHT TO CONTRACT.

Note to BARFLIES: Isn't it about time you got a REAL JOB? Also: They got really great gun control in England why don't you get on a boat and ship your way back? The people are waking up and they are going to be REALLY REALLY PISSED OFF WHEN THEY FIGURE THIS OUT!!!

AND..... I'm pretty darn sure you're not going to get their guns before that happens :)