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I was thinking of responding to the Alex Jones stuff that was in the beginning of your comment. I just got sidetracked cause everyone else has been debating me on natural rights.

Let me say something about Alex Jones. I have a lot of mixed feelings toward the guy. He has been non-violently fighting the system for years. Some of what he's done is amazing, hell, a lot of it is. I personally like his show, say what you want, its damn entertaining. Some people say that we wouldn't have a Ron Paul like we do now without an Alex Jones.

My big....but...statement to that is the 1776 stuff on Piers Morgan. It's illogical because you can have every type of assault rifle, machine gun, rocket launchers, flame throwers, all that stuff, and today's government could wipe you out in a few weeks. The AR-15 can't stand up to an air-force like we have today, we would lose and all of liberty would die with it. There's no 1776 all over again, that would never happen, all those that chose to fight are really choosing to die, and for nothing.

We can't give our government the reason to kill us. We have to have an approach like Gandhi in India. It is the only way, there's nothing else.

You add the conspiracy stuff to it, and I'm not saying his conspiracy theories are wrong. Hell, somebody could of brought Bin Laden to my house in a body bag and I wouldn't be able to identify the body, I don't know him and I'm not qualified for DNA testing. I don't know for sure, who did 9/11, or if Bin laden even existed, not for 100% sure. I mean, I wasn't there, and neither was Alex Jones; but he spews out his conspiracy stuff with 100% certainty, anyone who is that certain about anything, scares the sh#t out of me.