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"i want to see words as they're typed"

Just hit reply, or add comment, and type out your body of text. Then, sit there and stare at it for a little while as your trigger finger hovers over the send button. That's what I generally do when I get a case of "forum tourrettes syndrome."

This way you can stare at the words in all their glory with no missing letters.

If you still want to hit send then roll the dice. Or grab a piece of paper, as was suggested.

What's the point of continuing to argue when the owner of the house has already asked that you try to remember to take your shoes off before you enter his house? It's a small fish in the big sea of things...but it's the principle. Respect.

Curse words can spice up a comment or point, but they can also ruin the whole dish. I've certainly ruined a few.