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No brainer

It's his property. That's the only issue. If the situation was reversed, and your hypothetical racist wanted to come into some ethnic person's business with a "SCREW BLACKS/JEWS/CHINESE" sign hanging on him, the business owner would have the right to tell him to leave, to physically force him to leave if it was necessary, and to kill him if it came to that.

You can see this, right?

To imagine you and your friends have the right to force your way onto his property because you think he's committing thoughtcrime is to be a complete hypocrite. What you're saying, in essence, is he isn't entitled to opinions you think are inappropriate, therefore you're going to cancel his property rights.

You and your friends would most certainly be the aggressors of you staged a sit-in on his privately, legally owned property. Just the same as a KKK grand dragon would be the aggressor if he refused to leave a black family's living room, because he believed they needed to acknowledge the validity of his worldview.

Worldviews are purely subjective. Property rights, if you're going to have a free society, have to be universal.