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and I kind of admire Stern's skill in handling the situation.

Stern mentioned more than once that he and his sidekick agreed with what Alex was saying. Media presenters repeat things on purpose to make sure they get a point across.

Then they commented on how pleasantly funny and entertaining it was while the highlights played were some of the most cogent and powerful facts presented by Alex. They could have easily taken him out of context for extra comedic value... but they didn't. And Howard is a pro at taking people out of context for entertainment value. Again, he didn't.

And Howard did all this without risking having stations and advertising dropped or having the phones light up with unhinged statists.

And Howard's "I think he has a radio show or something" is the precise equivalent of "hey, go check his radio show out if you didn't know about it."

Brilliant in my opinion... :)

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