Comment: I say, "Off wi' 'eir 'eads!" what, what?

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I say, "Off wi' 'eir 'eads!" what, what?

I say, "Off wi' 'eir 'eads!" what, what?

No, there is no constitution in Britain, just a rubbish heap of rules and regs that get trampled by the dirty old drug-pushing Queen whenever she feels like it. Her inept inbred moron of a son lives off the revenues of Cornwall and Devonshire, while her stupid sister gets half the kitty of Lincolnshire to blow away at Baccarat in Cannes.

Every time some socialite on E! says "The royals bring in more revenues from tourists than they could ever spend," I say that's total crap. Nobody goes to London because there is a Queen sitting on her throne (the porcelain one) counting her opium money with lavendar gloves.

I mean, Vienna is full of palaces and tourists. They haven't had a drooling monarch on the throne in 90 years. England ought to give the guy in a black hood a try.

"Off wi' 'eir 'eads!"

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"