Comment: These old adages just don't hold anymore

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These old adages just don't hold anymore

At least in such a broad sense.
We are in an age where knowledge and information travel in lightspeeds.
I don't want to dig up wether you agree with AJ or not on his Piers performance. I wish only to point out - Piers has an audience of 100 of thousands(maybe million - I dont know). Howard Stern has an audience of millions for sure. So between the original show and Stern's replay alone - you are talking millions and millions of people hearing something for the first time. Stern was actually complimentary to AJ - Stern fans tend to be sheeple to Stern - if Stern and Robin think he had some points - then his fans will think he had some points. The dominoes just fall faster today.

Personally - I don't think you need any of the three things you point out.
Humility - in the true biblical sense of the word - is NOT liberty - humility is being humble before God and not wanting those things that come with liberty(save perhaps the liberty to worship God). Humility is actually closer to socialism than liberty - after all - if you are a humble man you would give what you didn't need away to those that did - regardless of their earning it- which is pretty much what socialism is. Jesus never said to only share with those willing to work for it - he said to share with those who do not have. Humility is realizing that all you have is because of God and hence, not yours to keep anyways. I don't buy into that.

Selflessness - sounds about the same as prior argument - if you are selfless - you wouldn't want to have more than your neighbor anyways - so just pony up the extra. Liberty is selfishness - it is the idea that I can do what ever the hell I want as long as it doesn't impose upon your doing the same. Nothing can be MORE selfish.

Faith - faith in what - the socialist has faith in government. Does that faith count? Oh - you mean faith in God? But who's god? And who here claims to know the only God - the God of the bible - yet also claims to be humble? For I call that person out to be the hypocrate that they are.

No - we need not look to old ways as the path forward and the scripts of doom. While human nature may not change - our awareness of it does. The fact that back when Alexander wrote that - it was original, it was pure enlightenment thought - reserved only for those who would have been able to read(not so many)and be educated meant that the masses would not be aware of such theory. Today you just made thousands aware with this simple post. As such, thousands are now aware of the dangerous road and can CHOOSE which path to go down(and being selfish - I choose to skip the crappy parts).