Comment: I'm going to get downvoted here, but...

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I'm going to get downvoted here, but...

I can't seem to get 'on board' with hardly any of the comments here.

First off are the defeatists. Of course in what they know, they are right but they really should do more research to learn of all the small 'brushfire' type actions being done by this or that group.

Then we have the 'sit back and wait' people who say faith and religion will solve it so we don't have to take personal responsibility. Sorry but that's what got us unto this mess.

The we have others who think that just because we have tracked previous civilizations through certain steps of a cycle, that this proves we are destined (without a chance to change it) to repeat history. While this may be a method of how some things in this world work, history has exactly zero to do with the present. There are too many factors which differ between then and now.

I'm sure there are other viewpoints I'm missing but suffice it to say that only a few commenters at max see what's really going on.

The people of the world are in the beginning steps of the greatest revolution ever to be conceived of. This one will be orders of magnitude more significant than all the others combined. This revolution is not about some political enlightenment or some spiritual kumbayah. It's not even about liberty or security or waking the people up to any of these.

This revolution is rapidly (albiet slowly to the casual observer) waking people up to the fact that they are now in possession of all the tools they need to do just about anything they want. Gone are all the limitations of past decades, centuries and millennium. No longer do people have to rely on someone else to do anything. If for no other reason than a person possesses desire to do so, that person may provide for a family, produce any good or service, start any movement, learn any concept, communicate any idea or coordinate any group. It is nothing more than the desire to do so that remains the sole requirement.

Sure, not every person knows all these options exist yet but every single day, the internet users are learning billions of specific examples and every single day many millions of people are jumping into this brave exciting virtual world. The ramifications are nothing short of awe inspiring.

As such, those ideas that have what it takes to make the changes we desperately need changed... those ideas are fast approaching the people that are needed to put them to work. It works in a similar way to the power of a network. As it grows, it's power rises by the square of the membership. Well, in this case I believe one must take the square of the membership and multiply that by the square of the information available also. Does this give us hope?

Well, not really. If we look at the doubling math problem of old, we see a really interesting relationship. If you're unaware, in this problem, a football stadium is sealed to hold water. At minute one, a drop of water is dumped into the stadium. Each minute afterward for the whole day, an amount double that of the previous one is dumped in. The given is that it fills the stadium at midnight. The question is how full was is 1, 2 and 3 minutes before midnight and 1 and 2 minutes after? We all know that the answers are 50%, 25%, 12.5%, 200% and 400%. Obviously, the moral is that at 11:55, no one sees a 3% full stadium as a problem.

In today's case, however, it would be more difficult to see the end approaching. At the times listed above, the new answers are 25%, 6.25%, 1.56%, 400% and 1600%. Who would even see 11:59:59 as a problem?

So, I believe (and my research has proven this out) that the efforts of vastly smaller groups than it took for the American Revolution will be the ones bringing the solutions to us at much faster rates than we can even conceive of right now.

The question is will we be ready? Will we open our minds to hearing things that just yesterday were science fiction or fairy tale? That's the main issue because as you can see above, the time scale got squished awfully tight, awfully quick.