Comment: Is an alliance posssible?

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Is an alliance posssible?

Last night's show discussed why the Ron Paul movement can not succeed on it's own. Steve Deace goes on to say that the liberty movement must have allies. Hour 2 dissects the obstacles to an alliance. His question is, does his own moral conservative movement have enough common ground with the liberty movement? Deace also says that the reason the liberty movement will not succeed without some kind of alliance is because our movement is made up of 2 factions. These 2 factions are doomed to split some day.

Deace then goes on to say that the liberty movement is more like the French Revolution than the American Revolution. Deace says the liberty movement's failure to take on the moral issues actually increases statism rather than the opposite. Further, Deace says that the liberty movement has more determination and boots on the ground than the social conservative movement. The bottom line is that the social conservative movement needs the liberty movement just as much as the liberty movement needs its own alliance.

Re: common ground. Speaking for myself, my own personal conviction is that preemptive war is aggression. On that I will never compromise.