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Not really true

A couple things:
1. Brainwave entrainment. You are helpless against it.
2. Electromagnetic exposure. You don't really know what all is encoded in the signal you bring in, full strength.
3. The last 2 hours before bed. Your brain has a process for deciding what is true and what is false. It generally takes about 2 hours for it to do its thing. If you go to bed before it is done processing, it will just dump it into the "fact" pile and move on to "sleep" mode. If it was from a source you do not trust, it may bring it up again in the morning, but if it was from a "trusted" source, your brain will never look back, unless forced to by some outside influence.
That is WHY they used to have very fatherly figures give you the wrap up of the day's events at 10 or 11 o'clock at night. They knew exactly what they were doing. If you say "But I don't trust these guys" you have to understand, you still are the proud owner of a "lizard brain" and it pays little attention to what you SAY, it watches what you DO. If you watch the same guy over and over, the lizard you considers it a "trusted source."
Hypnosis Motivation Institute has a free, online introductory course. I encourage anyone interested in freeing their mind to take it.

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