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You have a very sad viewpoint of anarchy

I don't know from where it comes, but you've been brainwashed as to what anarchy would be like. Your view seems like a mixed bag of both tyranny and corporatism with a few anarchist type freedoms tossed in for good measure.

You do realize that under total anarchy, the market would set prices, wages, taxes, interest rates and inflation, right? With that as a given and adding the given that all people are now empowered to design, produce, barter and sell any product or service on the planet, what would the economy look like?

Hint: There probably wouldn't exist any bankers, insurance, finance advisers, tax collectors, IRS agents, government leeches, (hell, 99% of the government would be gone) or even the entire top half of most corporations.

Without those massive groups of people leeching off of others, the productive people would earning many times current rates for their labor. This basically returns the wealth from the banks to the people. Do you really believe that under such a scenario, people wouldn't form coops or some other joint venture to maintain the road system they've known to be so important all their lives?

On the other hand, maybe we just need wide, low traffic sidewalks for our residential areas because some new transit system got funded instead.