Comment: You're right. He is too

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You're right. He is too

You're right. He is too bright and too charismatic for them to allow him to remain free. And yes, his sentencing statement was a horrible thing to listen to, and worse, they plan to drug him now too. His lawyer forced him into a psych eval and they've decided that he's paranoid schizophrenic and will be routinely drugged for their bogus diagnosis. They have already broken his spirit and now they will make sure to ruin his mind as well.

There have been a small, vocal group of us who have supported Schaeffer from the beginning. We did the best we could as he was facing trial to counter all the propaganda printed about him all over the country. Sadly, when the thugs' boots come down on someone people run the other way. So many are afraid of guilt by association and won't stick their necks out for anyone but themselves.

We are spread all over the country and no one knew where or what time his sentencing would be until the very last minute, including his wife. I imagine the powers that be did that intentionally to keep us from showing up as a group at that hearing. But, as sad as that day was Schaeffer at least was able to see his wife and his babies for a brief time.

Schaeffer has been shuffled from prison to prison without notice since the day they locked him up. Our letters and cards are routinely returned because they move him so often. Mostly, he's been incarcerated in the lower 48 states keeping him from even seeing his wife and kids. Naturally, they are doing as much as they can to ensure as little support for him as possible.

Keep him in your thoughts and prayers and think long and hard about how you'd want others to react to you should your turn come for standing against tyranny.

Blessings )o(