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I think the same should apply for other country's also

Ither everybody has it or nobody has it.
Iran should have the right to have arms.
Russia should have the right.
The only people who shouldn't have a right is a sham federal entity that is full of corruption.
Maybe the states shoul have jurisdiction of the United States nuke stock pile to prevent our federal government from bucking the entire world.
We need to take away the right of the president to sign ex. Orders.
Take the nuke codes away from the pentagon.
Make it forbidden for the president to leave the country period.
Make it a law that if we goto war the president himself and all of congress are required to be the first people on the battlefield.
All politicians must attend state funded constitutional training at no pay for the 1st year of each of their terms.
See we can write our own rules too.
all forms of guns should be available to the public.
All other forms of weapons like artillery should still be available but regulated by a state run private militia that is funded privately only.
in fact our military should be the only group of people that actually needs heavy regulation.
They should be banned from having assault rifles unless they have been commissioned by a deputy shariff and only during times of war over seas.
And only then
And unless there is actual fighting going on should try be allowed to take the guns out of a Locker.
They should also be tagged and RFID.