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Did not think of if that way

“I think it may be a good idea to never trust someone, no matter how many times the same lack of trust is shown to be baseless.”

Then you of all people should understand why I ask about Pink when you give me Pink. You accused me of seeing Red. That is because you handed me Pink. So I ask. Are you Pink. Do you belong to Pink. Do you think Pink is good?

“So you ask me again if I am guilty of all the bad things you think I am guilty of because I may, somehow, be closely associated with people you don't like?”

I don’t think you are guilty of bad things any more than any of us are guilty of doing something wrong. What I wanted to know is if you are Pink because you associated with John Pilger and he associates with Pink by speaking to a Pink group.

“You don't like people because they are closely associated with other people who do things that you don't like.”

Who ever said I didn’t like someone? I never said I didn’t like someone. I said I don’t like Pink and I don’t like Red. That does not mean I don’t like someone. I don’t like a “thing,” not a person.

Here is your question:
"Are you a member of Or are you a member of any of those “pink” groups?"

A simple answer would have been “no.” But instead you accuse me of publicly hanging you and then wanting to pull a switch or a trigger. Do you not know me better than that? I did not understand your intentions with handing me Pink. And you are right, I do not like Pink. It is ingrained not to like Pink and my mind is like scrambled eggs. Everything is upside down. I cannot tell a friend or an enemy. What I thought has been right all my life is wrong…regarding government. And it is difficult for my mind to accept. I feel afraid. And now you can hand me the sniveling coward shoe because I admit I am afraid.

“You have the list, you can check it, I may have left something on the left out, the only left leaning thing on the list is the effort to speak to the left on the Real News Network Forum.”

I am not checking any lists. I simply asked a question. A person I think of as a Friend in Liberty hands me pink so I ask. I have never even heard of and John Pilger is speaking to them and you hand me the link and tell me he would be a good moderator.

“I can name that name too, but you may see RED and then my integrity is questioned again.”

I don’t know you. I don’t know anyone on this forum and I will ask questions when I do not understand. Why is that questioning integrity? I am being honest. If I don’t understand I ask.

“I have listened to a lot of people who speak accurate words from what can be called the left, but again that is the part of the spectrum that your perspective is trained to censor, so good luck with that and I can help, perhaps, but the point at which the laws of diminishing returns takes affect appears once again.”

If I was censoring the information, I would not have listened to several hours of John Pilger yesterday. I am questioning, and yes, it does go far from what I am “trained” to accept. I see John Pilger interview someone who has lots of “treasures” in their home and I see that person talking about his family buying up property in Miami, then I see Pilger show the masses in “cardboard” boxes in dumps and then I see Hugo Chavez supposedly making everything good for those masses. So I ask the person, Josf, if he thinks John Pilger is neutral.

Josf tells me John Pilger sides with equity. I know Josf believes in equity, so I ask Josf if Josf belongs to Pink. Yes, I connect dots. If I start handing you occult information and saying it is good and I think their speakers should do this or that, you might ask me if I belong to that organization.
You wrote this:
"Equity is not possible voluntarily."
That is a confusion of words in English on your part. Equity is voluntary. Voluntary is equity. If it isn't equity it isn't voluntary. If it isn't voluntary it isn't equity. If it isn't voluntary or equity, then what is it?
When I think of equity, I think of fairness. Life isn’t fair. There will never be equity because there will always be people who take advantage of others. There will always be people who will not or who cannot “earn” their way in life.

I may be the one confused.

“That is a case of you at the store and you find a deal that looks too good to be true and you find out that there are hidden costs because the things being sold are "subsidized" by the very same people that make you see RED when someone tries to inform you that the very same people who "subsidize" are the very same people who make you see RED when anyone tries desperately to inform you about those people, those specific people, such as a guy named Edward Bernays.”

So can you please explain to me how ships and railroads are subsidized by people who are making me see Red. I do not understand. I mean the facts of the matter. Who, what , where, when.
"More taxes to help those who cannot help themselves?"
What do you mean by the word "taxes"?
I mean the same thing John Pilger is saying when 64% of the people want more taxes to guarantee healthcare for everyone. 2/3 of Americans say government should care for those who cannot care for themselves…starting at about 27.40…

I don’t think GOVERNMENT should do anything. I think people should care for each other. Families should care for each other. Voluntary associations should care for each other.

“You may want to play the word games. I do not.”

I know. You used the word “trained” when referring to my perspective. One time along time ago in the vast abyss I used the word “conditioned.” You did not want me to use the word conditioned. I think the word conditioned is better than the word trained. To me “training” is like training a dog. A session wherein training takes place. Conditioning is something that is more covert. Something that takes place outside of a “session.”
"That is forced and we see how that works."
What is force? What kind of force do you have in mind?
If a mother is working the coat hanger to pierce the brain of the unborn insider her, and you are there, do you force your will upon the mother?
You speak of force as if it is all bad - apparently.
What I am talking about is being forced to pay taxes so people can be guaranteed health care and people can be guaranteed that they will be taken care of. You see how that works. You paid in to the “insurance” called social security. Now you are unable to perform hard labor and you are not provided any of the insurance you paid in to. Why? Rules? Yes when funds are collected rules are made. Who makes the rules? No you, not me, but someone did and they decided that all your hard earned money that was paid as insurance is not yours at all because someone else needs it more than you do…maybe the person paid to tell you “no,” or the person above them who is paid, or the person above them who is paid, or the person above them who is paid….or the congress who will have life long pensions for “serving.” Maybe they all need that money more than you do even though it was your money…or maybe just the girl down the street from me who has cerebral palsy who lives in government housing. Maybe she is the one getting your money instead of her family caring for her. He father and she both live in separate apartments there in that housing. Maybe they both need your money more than you do. I see things on a very small scale. Or maybe the porch sitter who is still living with the nice lady in Clinton. That nice lady, her husband kicked her out of the house. She works at a meat packing plant…a small family owned one. She has an apartment, a car, and has worked to have what she has. The porch sitter? She lives with that nice lady and does not have a job. She asked me for money so she could buy a Christmas present for her daughter. I gave her money. She gets no government assistance because her daughter is now 18 and so no more health care, no more wic. She got it for 18 years, and now she has been cut off the government nipple and she doesn’t know how to get a job and buy her daughter a Christmas present. But 2/3 of Americans say she should be guaranteed health care according to John Pilger.
" No, individuals should help others individually. NOT THRU SOCIALIZED CENTRAL PLANNING."
All capital letters, I like that, it adds a measure of expedience, or importance to the words you choose.
What is the working definition of "Socialized"?
I think I have explained that already. Socialized…when pools of money are centrally collected, controlled, and dispensed according to rules of theory as opposed to individuals dispensing their own money according to their personal choice.

“Do you actually mean to capitalize the words that convey the accurate meaning that holds the specific people responsible for perpetrating crimes upon the innocent or do you actually prefer to help those same people who are perpetuating crimes upon the innocent?”

I mean to capitalize the words to accurately state what is the system that we are currently living under and the system that John Pilger uses statistics to promote.

"That is what is wrong with this country."
What, in your mind, is "this country"?
Crime is wrong with "this country"?
This Country…the land called the United States of America from sea to shining sea including Hawaii….the 50 states that are represented by stars on a flag.

“So, having something assumed on my part, I can ask who, and what army is going to stop crime, ever, and who will that specific individual manage that miracle, and until that specific individual preforms that miracle, is there anything anyone else can do while so many innocent people are currently being tortured and murdered, and lesser crimes perpetrated upon them? “

It will only stop when Jesus returns and sets up His Eternal Kingdom. Where righteousness is the rule.

"There is no New Left. It is all Left. Josf, if this is what you advocate, please be as honest with me as John Pilger is with his likeminded crowd."

I used the word “likeminded” because the crowd applauded him. I see John Pilger as instigating class warfare. Division between the haves, haves a little, and have nots as if the haves a little and have nots should be opposed to those who are the haves who have a lot. Maybe they earned having a lot. Is that wrong? How much is too much? It is all relative. We have carpet and vinyl flooring. People in 3rd world countries have dirt. Why don’t we tear out our carpet and have cement and give them cement too? Because we have earned our carpet?

“You can punish me in this public hanging, go ahead and pull the lever to the trap door, and let me drop to my death, that is fine with me.
Push the button, pull the trigger, whatever works for you. ”

I have no ill will or ill feeling toward you. I am only trying to understand what you believe to be right about John Pilger because my training is sending me RED ALERTS. How am I supposed to figure out what is correct if I do not ask you? Show me Red that is not crime. Show me Pink that is not crime. Where is John Pilger’s perfect society? Who does he applaud? He applauds 1968. I don’t even know what 1968 is. He seems to think there is a spark here in America. What is that spark exactly. What is he talking about? Is he talking about the Abraham Lincoln Brigade who went to help the Spanish Republic REDS who ended up losing to the Fascists? What Spark?

“If there is a desire to communicate accurately, then it can happen. If there is no desire to communicate accurately, then that can happen too.
If there is a desire to communicate falsely, that can happen, as well as can happen a goal reached to not communicate falsely.”
I think you should know by now that I desire to communicate openly and honestly without deceit.

“The ignorance concerns the concept of ownership, and I can go in great detail concerning how ignorant it is to suggest that a "country" can own something.”

A country owning something is what socialism promotes as far as I can understand as opposed to private ownership.

“You tell me, after you get over your current hit piece on me, as you again assassinate my character with this close association you are moving me towards criminals that you call "socialists" or whatever false front works to hide their crimes better.”

What criminals am I associating you with? I asked you if you were a part of Are they criminals?
“My guess, at this point, is that you can't, you refuse, you won't, it is not possible for you, to even consider anything said by anyone who you are told is your enemy, as you are told those lies by your enemies.”

I am questioning.

“I actually listen to what the man has to say. I don't agree with a lot of what he has to say. I keep asking one question: Does Hugo Chavez enforce a Legal Money Monopoly or not?”

Liars are liars. They say whatever sounds good to get you on board, and then do what their agenda is. I saw a piece yesterday where Pilger was down on Chavez for “liberating” the people and then not doing what he promised and Chavez was getting some reward from some inhuman middle east president. I can’t remember now, nor can I find it. Maybe I am not even remembering right. It was only yesterday.
It is never my goal to publicly hang or disgrace you or ever to assassinate your character, and I wasn’t trying to do that by asking questions. I am trying to understand what I do not understand.

I am trying to understand:
“He is Australian, a Journalist, not an insider (so named) and definitely not a Right leaning Republican Conservative type who would side with any capitalist stuff that might be leaning toward the Free Market Liberty types.”

How that is good? Is Free Market Liberty types bad? I do not know the answer.

And by the way. You say the word equality is bad and it is a right wing word:

“When those on the right focus attention on the Counterfeit "Equity" they can't even use the right word, they focus on their own version of the word, which is "Equality", and it is completely false, misunderstood on purpose, and deceptively attached to the targets that the right”

Pilger says it here: at about 1 minute. I this film trade unions are spoken of as necessary, but it seems like unions in the US are powerful criminal organizations. So you see, how am I supposed to know. I have not watched all of the video yet, but I am going to. I am not censoring. I am trying to understand. I can understand that bad things can be highlighted so worse things can be done instead of holding the individuals responsible for those bad things, criminals can use the worse things to take the control from those who do the bad things so they can now be in control and do worse things. There are prizes at stake.