Comment: Beck Stabbed Liberty lovers in the BACK!

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Beck Stabbed Liberty lovers in the BACK!

Beck Stabbed Liberty lovers in the BACK when he sabotaged Debra Medina on his radio show. He tried to frame her as a "Truther" simply because she said she never trusts the government when asked about 911. Medina had NEVER advocated the "truther" position. She had never even discussed the issue of 911 as far as I know. Beck clearly wanted her destroyed in favor of his leftist friend Rick Perry. The Beck attack went viral and made its rounds to all the neocon/trotsky-ite radio stations in Texas, thus destroying her momentum in the race for governor.

You ARE joking about wanting Beck as the governor - Right? Lord, I hope so. Becks' a collectivist, expert propagandist, and freedom movement usurper.