Comment: The root cause of violence

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The root cause of violence

is thinking you are being treated unfairly and feeling you can do nothing about it. That about sums up what is happening in the USA and the world at this time.

People all over the world are being killed, losing their homes to the bankers or by bombs and invasion, having family members killed by drone missiles, bombs, and NATO-US funded / armed terrorist rebels in Syria and Libya. The US government wants to disarm Americans but supplies money and arms to the Middle East terrorists and Mexican drug cartels.

We all know what is happening in the US and the world and the shots are being called by some unseen hand that aspires to rule the world and depopulate the world as well.

It is like feeling there is no way out. Some people can handle the stress of that situation and keep thinking and planning a way to resolve the problems. Others just blow up and start hurting someone or something, like kicking the dig because you had a bad day. Some people do that.

The way out is to end the NATO-US tyranny that has taken over the USA and the world. Make peace and each nation look after its own people as Ron Paul has always advised.

Clean house of the tyrants.