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Comment: I fear the "compromise."

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I fear the "compromise."

We all should know by now that they're pushing extreme positions so that their incremental "compromise" (which was their goal from day 1) will seem more "reasonable" in comparison.

"Oh, you mean you're NOT going to sign an executive order that bans all guns? You're just going to make mental health screening more rigorous and require people to lock their guns up? And I guess I don't really need 30-round mags. Okay, that seems reasonable."

I'm guessing that the repetition of the "mental illness" phrase means that the compromise will involve either redefining "mental illness" so that it's easier to label people as unlikables who shouldn't have guns, or to make it harder for people who have someone with "mental illness" in their family (everybody's got at least one weak-link family member) to either get guns, or mandate inspections for them regarding locking devices and all that nonsense.