Comment: You'd have to be from eastern Oregon to appreciate the irony

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You'd have to be from eastern Oregon to appreciate the irony

I moved to a tiny town in E. Oregon a long time ago now. Geez... Anyway, cowboys still herded cows and sheep down Main Street and men walked around with a sidearm. There were rattlesnakes, pretty much anybody who worked outside had a pistol. These people hunted for food. Every kid had a shotgun and a .22 in the back of the truck AT SCHOOL so they could go hunting after school. They would close school for opening day of deer and elk season.
Every year, we would be over-run with hunters from Portland there for a trophy. Pretty much every year, someone would lose a cow or a horse or dog that some hunter thought was a deer and most years one of them would take out their hunting partner. The restaurant where I worked had a cartoon in the kitchen, "Portland Hunter Qualification Test" and had the Fish and Game guy holding up a picture of an outhouse and the hunter is saying "Now I KNOW that's an elk."
The rest of the country will see what they see here, but I must confess, I am not sure people in Portland are the ones to do this... it makes the rest of Oregon nervous... lol!
Truly, more power to them. I started thanking anyone that I saw open carry about a year or 2 ago. I feel safer. If they meant me harm, they would not have it on their hip. If anyone else means me harm... well, look what that guy has on his hip.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.