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Well, the whole POINT of a conspiracy ...

... is to keep it a SECRET, right?

Can you tell us what the Mafia is up to these days? Probably not. How about OPEC meetings? Chinese government's efforts regarding dissidents? Russia's political scene?

Conspiracies are meant to be kept secret, and when a group of people have government officials who can obstruct justice and prevent investigations, it becomes much easier.

Have you seen any VIDEO FOOTAGE of what happened at Sandy Hook? I don't know if the official story is true or not, but there is no EVIDENCE that it is. Strange, huh?

I think the thing you and many others get caught up in is the idea that government, in general, seems incompetent and incapable on so many things, that it is hard to imagine that same government is capable of mass conspiracy.

But ...

That is a mistake to think that. MOST of the hard core government statists DO NOT CARE what the outcome of any particular policy is. They just want CONTROL. And they might even think they are doing the moral thing, but their motives are beside the point. They DO NOT CARE what the outcome is. If they did, the "War on Poverty" would have been won. The "War on Drugs" would have been won. The "War on Whatever" would see positive results. The fact that it never does should be the first clue.

The die-hard statists DO NOT CARE about the outcome. If you did not care about a particular outcome, you might look incompetent, too, if you CLAIMED you did care.

I'll leave you with this: Go look up Operation Northwoods. Read about it (forget Wikipedia). Just get your hands on the actual document, and read a few different perspectives of what that was all about.

That should be an eye opener.