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Comment: The way I hear the propaganda of the day without TV

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The way I hear the propaganda of the day without TV

is by tuning into the Red radio station on the am dial or tuning into the Blue radio station on the fm dial when I'm in my car. Of course after turning off the idiot box, trying to listen to Rush, Hannity, that old woman on PBS and any of their other socialist programs is pretty painful. I can't ever keep it on either station for very causes me undo stress when I hear so many lies and contradictions and can't reach over and smack the idiots.

The other thing that is impossible to do anymore is read a daily news paper or the USA Today. Its embarrasing how all forms of media (until the internet) have all pushed the same agenda and covered the same stories since I've been alive and I was none the wiser. How could I have blindly accepted that the only information I needed to know would be presented to me via, TV, Newpaper, and talk radio? And how come I never questioned the validity or the truth value of what I was consuming? For years I would buy a USA Today newpaper and go into a hooters or a buffalo wild wings, or some other bar and grill and sit at the bar, watch ESPN, drink beer, and read my pretty colorful paper. Oh, I was in my comfort zone then baby!

One thing about taking the Red pill...their is no turning back. No one I know has gone down the rabbit hole and discovered anything and afterwards been able to say oh damn, this is uncomfortable to know, I think I'll just pretend nothing ever happened.

I'm about 4 years into my awakening but there are still rare occasions when I reminsce about some of the good times I had as part of the sheeple.

But nothing has changed me as a person more than no longer living on a hamster wheel chasing my tail and wondering why so much of life didn't make any sense.

Even though the truth is often disturbing...learning the truth makes nearly everything finally make sense. My brain used to try and force square pegs into round holes in so many areas of my life that I could hardly think straight. I used to be a rabid insomniac and my mind would skip from 1 worry to the next. Those days are gone forever. I sleep like a baby every night. I almost never worry about anything and even though I still enjoy the occasion recreational mind trip, after being a heavy drinker for 35 years, my brain no longer requires being pickled in order for me to relax.

I think our brains get scrambled by TV, lies, and so many things we are told by TPTB that go against rational thought. Where I used to constantly 2nd guess myself and was always thinking I must be missing something, I now know it was my brain being confused by a variety of mixed messages and conflicting signals. Now, there is no one I trust more than myself and I learn more each day.