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You must have responded by mistake to me...

Personally, I didn't say anything about sports. However, MPM broadcasted sporting events are definitely used to push story lines to some extent... Stealth jets flying over the stadium, special insignias worn to promote some mainstream cause, etc.

As far as your first statement: "There are more productive things you can do inside than out." That could be true or false depending on the situation. For instance, right now I could be outside laying out for my chicken coup, but instead I'm writing this reply.

Further, I never said anything about ignoring people that disagree with you. To the contrary, I've said in more than one of my posts that - "If you're only talking to people that agree with you, you're not changing any minds."

You are putting words into my mouth.

I simply challenged people to stop watching television for a while and stated some potential benefits. I didn't say - "Cut yourself off from the world completely." I didn't say anything about not interacting on the internet or the like.