Comment: Alex didn't apologize for going over the top

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Alex didn't apologize for going over the top

and neither should you. I'm still waiting to see how this plays out. He did break the rule we taught everyone during the RP campaign. When discussing an issue with someone, stick to the issue important to them and that's it. When you win them over, walk away. Back in 2008 I watched newbies talk to voters and if their most important issue was...say...abortion, I'd see a volunteer win them over to Dr. Paul on the issue, then totally lose the person by not stopping there and going into new world order, 9/11, illuminatti etc.etc. till the persons eyes glazed over and they walked away shaking their head. This situation was only a little different. Gun control was the issue and while I am on the fence about the bombastic way Alex went at it, I cringed when he just starts throwing terms around randomly that connotate conspiracy theory in the minds of mainstream viewers. Had he come across passionate and even in your face while staying on topic and get his credibility on said topic established, then folks would be more receptive to more controversial stuff. Sorry, but when he started up the new world order stuff etc. it made him look like a nutjob to those who never saw or heard of him before, and you can tell by that smile on Morgans face he knew it too.