Comment: There are many questions

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There are many questions

There are many questions about this shooting, but this is something to side track us with. The pics appear to be the same person to me. Here's why:

Look at the ears and the level of the ears compared to the eyes; They are the same. Look at his facial shape. Look at the "v" shape in the center of his top lip, looks the same. His nostrils are "flared" or "stretched" in the one picture because he is smiling; making them appear different, same pointy nose though. Same mole on the side of his cheek. His hair looks the same to me except a little longer and orange. Eyes look a little different because his eyebrows are lifted in his orange haired mugshot and I'm sure the drugs and lack of sleep probably has something to do with it as well. He also has the same large "Adam's Apple". Also, the lighting is different in the pics, making them appear different.