Comment: Yup. I was talking to someone

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Yup. I was talking to someone

Yup. I was talking to someone the other day and they asked me if I was going to watch something or other on TV that night, and I said "Nope. Definitely not." Then they asked me why not, and I said "I don't have cable" and she just about dropped her stuff and did like a spittake. She thought it was so crazy that I don't have cable.

I do like Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother, and I watch new episodes online when they come out. I also watch some sporting events on ESPN3 because I still like to follow my favorite college bball team.

Even if I did like to watch more TV though, I'd just get Netflix or Hulu+ or something. Paying $50 or more per month for cable is just ridiculous to me.

I also don't listen to the radio or pay attention to top 40 stuff, so half the time I haven't heard the new Rhianna or Taylor Swift song or whatever, and people can't believe I haven't heard it. I just tell them, "Yeah. I listen to stuff that I like instead of stuff I'm supposed to like."