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Schaeffer traveled the

Schaeffer traveled the country speaking of a peaceful method to return to our Constitutional Republic. He advocated forming common law communities as our Founders envisioned and ignoring the Feds by taking care of ourselves and our neighbors.

He spoke in MT where some busybody statist decided that he was advocating overthrowing the Federal Govt. She reported him to the FBI. This is the video of the very same speech she reported. Judge for yourself.

Once they had his name, and saw that he was the commander of a militia group in Alaska, they were right up his butt. This was right around the time the Hutaree militia was exonerated in court and the FBI had to eat crow and admit they were unjustly persecuted. From the day that person reported him, they bugged him and tracked his every move. He was perceived as a threat because what he advocated truly is the peaceful way, and the only way, to take back our country. And people listened. That was the biggest threat of all. His popularity was growing leaps and bounds and people were beginning to act on what he recommended by throwing off their obligation to the central Govt and forming communities of their own where they answered only to themselves. That is a huge threat to the powers that be.

One thing led to another and they stalked him and bugged him and threatened him to the point that he knew they planned to take a potshot at him at any time. Both he and his wife never left their home without bullet proof vests on. Schaeffer had every opportunity to fire on any of them at any time, because he saw them following him often. They came to his house to arrest him. If he wanted to kill anyone, that would have been the time right then and there. Instead, he surrendered himself into their custody peacefully. He is not a violent man. He is a man of words.

Schaeffer ran for state Senate in Alaska and got 37% of the vote. He started the Second Amendment Task Force up there to protect Alaskans right to bear arms. He had a militia group who's motto was "Defend All, Agress None" He ran the Liberty Bell network where members were called in to witness arrests of others to keep police accountable. He held the Govt accountable for their deeds in Alaska, and his ideas were spreading to the lower 48. His only crime was speaking out and holding the Govt accountable, and for that, he is paying with his freedom.

He stood tall against tyranny and is paying the price for it.

Blessings )o(