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Here's what caught my attention

I heard a news report on the radio yesterday that the "Colorado shooter" (not "alledged shooter") was not ready to make a plea, yet, according to his attorney.


Why not? It's been 6 months, already.

I remember Jared Loughner had plead not guilty. Then there was a hearing where the judge forced him to take medication. Shortly after that, he changed his plea to guilty. No trial. Convenient, huh?

And there there was the Underwear Bomber. He not only plead not guilty, but he was preparing for trail and representing himself. Then suddenly, just before the trial was about to begin, he suddenly changed to guilty. Again, no trial.

Watch for James Homes to "have a change of heart" and plead guilty. No trial.

I almost wish there were odds for this in Vegas. Easy money.