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99.9% do not plan to harm anyone

There are very few that want to do harm with weapons to anyone. Those few seem to find their way into governing positions.

One of the last things the average person will allow, is themselves to do harm to another, especially with a weapon. Pray it is never necessary.

Further down the last thing that a person will allow, is that their right to effectively defend themselves be taken away, even if it means doing harm to any force that seeks to take away that fundamental right.

I realize the current psychological attacks with the giffords, aurora, and sand hook staged mass shootings. Very nice theatrics, and the news has done a wonderful job of playing it all up. I like the way they changed Giffords' role, took away the squinted eye to signify that she really was shot in the head. That pose was too hard to hold for any video filming. Now, she walks with a pronounced limp instead. lol At any rate, play it by ear, but all of this garbage is leading to some bad stuff.