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We can build anything we want under 200 sq feet, and with a dome you can get a LOT of mileage out of that. Any basement less than 8 feet high is a crawl space, and any loft less than 8 feet high over most (can't recall the percentage) of the second floor is "attic" and those don't count toward square feet. So, all our outbuildings are no problem. It is living there that is the issue. We can camp there as much as we want, we can live in an RV there 6 months of the year, and we can hire people to tend the farm who can camp there.
Where we wintered over turned out to be a really good deal, and a really nice place. We may never officially "move" to the farm, just keep "living" here and "camping" there. We shall see. I am not inclined to beg permission to do what I want on my land, but I also don't want to start a hassle just for the fun of it.

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