Comment: So let me see if I understand this correctly:

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So let me see if I understand this correctly:

A private contractor (Police Chief) working for the STATE who is not a government elected official, openly states that he or his officer (I mean private contractors) would literally shoot citizens, even if they were licensed to carry a firearm.

So here we have a private contractor that's being sub-contracted out through the STATE who has absolutely zero authority over private Citizens, declaring his orders to shoot and kill.

If you've been paying attention to Rod Class' cases, you know by now that his judgments show that all local/state/federal police are private contractors, and if they were to detain you and take you to jail against your will, you can literally bring them up on Kidnapping charges.

No joke, click on my name and see my other threads.

When a private contractor who has no lawful-legislative authority threatens private Citizens with lethal force, that's no different than the clerk at 7-11 threatening you with deadly force; or your neighbor; or an armed assailant who plans to rob you at gun point.

Dear Mr. Big Shot Police Chief: If I were you, I'd be Very Careful of the lunacy that exits your pie hole, because you my friend have zero authority to shoot anyone other than gov't elected officials and state employees who are receiving a paycheck on the 1st and 15th of the month - like you.

Govern yourself accordingly Mr. Big Shot Police Chief, the people are awakening, and your presumed power of authority is about to be unveiled. How big will your mouth be when people in your state realize you're nothing but a private contractor who's overstepping his bounds?

When private contractors threaten the lives of people they have no authority over, they are stepping on very unstable ground and putting themselves in a life altering position.