Comment: Is that what I'm doing? Standing up for Alex Jones?

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Is that what I'm doing? Standing up for Alex Jones?

I'm not standing up for Alex Jones. I'm standing up for angry gun owners and the second amendment.

What I'm doing is standing between you and the Liberty movement, those you'd attack and wish death upon using Alex Jones as your weapon. If you want to talk about acting like grown adults and containing lunatic behavior, start with yourself. Get a grip:

If Alex had no truth to offer and he was just a lunatic, nobody would listen to him. I wouldn't even bother with him. People listen to him because they're looking for truth, and he does offer people truth. I won't get into who and what he's doing right now, but he IS dangerous to the Liberty movement, and it has to do with your rant. There are people who'll use him to stereotype both the truth and the anger it generates.

PS Saying you want to win elections means nothing to me. You voted for Obama/Biden. I voted and caucused for Paul/Napolitano. Why would I help somebody win elections when they vote for evil?