Comment: Woman Caught in Gold Fish Net. Gold Vertical Price Explosion!

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Woman Caught in Gold Fish Net. Gold Vertical Price Explosion!

Davies - Gold Is Now Set Up For A Vertical Price Explosion Woman caught in fish net is troubling; but worth a look.

Eric King: “Ben, your call for the Japanese to enter the gold market was absolutely brilliant. You were the first one in the world to do that (make that call). That’s become mainstream, so everyone is talking about this now, but you were way ahead of the curve on this.”

Bend Davies: “Well, we did write about it a few years ago in a piece called, ‘The World Monetary Earthquake, The Dash From Cash.’ Also, ‘Let’s Say Gold Went To $13,000. We revisited it a few months ago, ‘There Is A New Buyer Entering The Gold Market,’ and it’s definitely an ongoing theme. Obviously the Japanese are going to get religion like our investors, and they are going to start buying physical gold to protect themselves from what we see as an inevitable hyperinflation in Japan.

... We now know for certain how policy makers are going to respond to this crisis....

[It you per chance meet this woman caught in the fish net, please give her my regards... And perhaps your coat.]

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