Comment: Alex Jones is LOVING this!!!!

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Alex Jones is LOVING this!!!!

...and so is Obama and Rahm Emmanuel....

Thanks guys!!!! Paint us all as lawless cop-haters.....both sides are coming off as "shoot first, ask questions later" since Alex Jones's "performance" where he got into character for everyone on national television like I suspect he was scripted to....but, nonetheless, these comments are directed at the comments ailing me/distressing me, more than the OP; because, the divide part of the divide and conquer GAME is what they've successfully have launched at us again.

The dumb and Godless are on BOTH sides of the argument; therefore ONE SIDE must have the "authority", until we REPLACE those we oppose with those we support, by proper and peaceful means....there is NO NEED to chest-thump and provoke with your paranoid anachist B.S.

You idiots don't speak for me....even Larry Pratt would advise you to can the rhetoric and quit the tough-guy act already....the "day" is NOT at hand, and Alex Jones is NOT our leader...

Go online and listen to a police scanner LIVE from New York City, Chicago, or Los Angeles....people wielding guns in tense situations(domestics, maylays etc.) will most certainly be shot first.

Quit talking like provoking idiots!!!! You EMBARRASS the whole lot of us who are actually winning the arguments, and are a real threat to RINO's still.

I want a SEPARATION from the emotional, Godless lodmouths who cheer on the dramatic documentary film makers, and their posturing in national media that serves only to sell their books/movies, and products of their SPONSORS.....we're a SANE nation, under corrupt self-serving
government; with enough freedoms still to bounce these guys and change direction!

Ron Paul said "you can't turn an aircraft carrier around on a dime"....calm down and quit making enemies!!!!!