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The actual quote is, "Stop spending, cut the size of the government!"

He was having a pretty light conversation with Bill. Bill clearly didn't want to go in depth about libertarian philosophy. Bill lightly touched on asking about the debt ceiling and then moved on to what both knew would be the main topic of the conversation - Glenn's dealing with Al Gore's cable tv network.

I'm not a Glenn Beck fan. In fact I've turned him off many times in the past [when he's turned me off]. In general I laugh at his "Libertarianism". In this video segment though, with Bill O'Reilly, I heard nothing to make me think that Glenn Beck is not libertarian, no "proof" whatsoever. In fact it was watchable all the way through. I didn't even hear anything despicable or against my grain from Bill O'Reilly, which is pretty rare.

Beck has rapidly transformed into an ardent advocate of the Koch brothers' strain of Libertarianism. As such, I expect to consistently butt heads with his perspective when I listen to him long enough. No heads for me to butt in this video. I actually found it to be quite pleasant.

I've never been the paranoid type here at the DP, but it did occur to me that this might have been posted to actually promote Glenn Beck. :D