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“If you demonize John Pilger by closely associating him with PINK, then you fail to live up to your own demands. A person like John Pilger goes out and finds out who is doing what, where they are doing those things, and when those things are being done.”

I did not demonize John Pilger by closely associating him with PINK. He was speaking to and they were applauding him. Am I wrong to make some type of association between him and that group? What kind of group is Maybe I am wrong by calling it Pink: The color that has swept over South America.

I am not going to find quotes. I am just going to say this. I feel afraid when I hear left speak. I am afraid of left because left represents socialism and communism…the involuntary kind…in my mind. So when I hear John Pilger speak I begin to wonder what is his motive? Why is he pointing out all the bad done by the right. Why isn’t he pointing out the bad done by the left. I would consider that neutral. Who is going to point out the bad done by both sides? G. Edward Griffin. He seems to do that IMO.

So, if I am going to hand someone a link of who I think should moderate, I would hand G. Edward Griffin.

I am afraid of the left right now because it feels like there is civil unrest in our country. I suppose I am speaking of the people in that geographic designation I made. The people are at opposite poles and I see people speaking at both ends of those poles who cover up the crimes at both ends of those poles to get the innocent people who support those (poles because of the noble ideas each of those sides present) to be at war with one another so that the criminals can make us have a civil war. That is what I think and that is why I am afraid of left. Left can speak of nationalism or of a republic as if they are speaking of things that are true and right when all the while they mean RED. Then it seems BLUE speaks of a republic and patriotism all the while they are supporting the performance of terror upon 3rd world people who do not deserve to be terrorized.
Then we start discussing not trading with the enemy. Well isn’t that what sanctions are all about? So why would we support not building a railroad or not taking shiploads of goods? To put sanctions on people? Isn’t it the people that suffer when sanctions are implemented?
And I suppose I am wrong because I thought you thought there could be a place of absolute equity. That is what I thought.

I only used the word trained again because it was the word you used and you had already told me not to use conditioned. See, I try to follow the line of thinking, or at least respect your wishes even if I think differently.

"But 2/3 of Americans say she should be guaranteed health care according to John Pilger."
Can you elaborate on exactly what John Pilger actually said or is it good enough for government work to equate John Pilger with the people you don't like sitting on porches?

I gave you quotes and also gave you the link and the time. Here it is again: “I mean the same thing John Pilger is saying when 64% of the people want more taxes to guarantee healthcare for everyone. 2/3 of Americans say government should care for those who cannot care for themselves…starting at about 27.40…

Why do you insist on saying I don’t like people. I do like the porch sitters. I give them money. I do not like what the involuntary left has done to those people. I do like the girl with cerebral palsy. I give her rides several times during the week. But, I do not think that your money that was stolen from you should pay for her. I think her family should take care of her. I think I should take care of her. I think our church should take care of her. I do not think you should take care of her in the form of involuntary government payments. She has free blood work every 6 months since Obama came into office. Why every 6 months? Why not every 9 or every 12? Money flows? What if her family had to pay for it, would they choose every 6 months? And now if we don’t have national healthcare who do you think is going to be mad? Those that got free bloodwork every 6 months are going to be like the dissillusioned in Spain when the bottom falls out of our economy and they are going to turn on the very people that paid for that bloodwork because they think it was free…government free…not out your pocket or mine. At the same time they will let the non violent and violent criminals out of the prisons and they will turn on those of us who paid to keep them locked up and radicallized. They will probably be armed with the same guns they confiscate from the law abiding population. That is why I am afraid. And when I hear left speak those are the things that I fear.

“What, exactly did John Pilger do, whereby that action by John Pilger disqualifies John Pilger from the list of people who could offer a competitive version of a moderator in a debate between Piers Morgan and Alex Jones on the subject of criminals who disarm their victims?”

I don’t have a good answer. I asked if he was neutral. It seems to me that the left is trying to disarm us. Did he speak out when Australia was disarmed?

“Let me try to rap my head around this claim. John Pilger spends his life going to this place and that place, interviewing victims of criminals in government, because John Pilger wants to be one of the criminals in government, and until he can reach his goal he has to be satisfied with merely reporting on the torture and mass murder by criminals in government, he doesn't get to be one of those who do the torture and the mass murder himself?”

It just seems like he is only telling one side of the story.

“Did John Pilger ever claim that he has a perfect society in view?
You wrote this:
Where is John Pilger’s perfect society?
That looks like deception to me.”
I see deception in pointing out all the bad and nothing good. As if everything is bad, bad, bad. Where is something good. Are there not any happy people in any of those places he goes? Why not show the middle. If all that is shown is bad then that is deceptive to me.
“I am inspired by your words to defend John Pilger. What do you think that does to my credit rating on this forum?
I welcome the opportunity, because the truth is very valuable, but what do you think my defense of John Pilger does to my credibility on this forum?”

I don’t know. Why should it mess with your credibility? You gave me the link. You must think he is credible. I think you are credible, so what is the problem? Is it this forum? Is it the people on this forum who do not like John Pilger. If so, then I am inspired to ask: Why? So far you are the only one talking to me about this. Jeff doesn’t know who John Pilger is. I asked. I could ask some other people on this forum, but I didn’t I asked you. Is he a good guy? If so, then why would people discredit you by defending him? If he is a bad guy, well then say so. I don’t know. I just know he is a guy. A guy on the left talking to a group which I think is also left. I know, there is no such thing as left/right; Democrat/Republican; Communist/Capitalist. There are just criminals who do wrong. But I still have a bias because of my conditioning.

Joe Quote:
"Distrust of vast stores of power employed by few people is necessary for survival of the species - in my opinion - so why allow all that power to be so readily available to those few people in any case where the power flows by way of deceit, threats of violence, and violence (crime)?”

It seems to me that that is exactly what socialism does. But I finished watching that Indonesian link and the people are having trouble because things are being privatized instead of subsidized. It takes vast stores of power employed by a few people to subsidize things.

Speaking of Joe Quote…I didn’t do my bookwork this week. What does that say about me?

“I welcome the opportunity to defend the power that is productive such as the information offered by anyone, including John Pilger, no matter how wrong the person is in choosing sides as far as my own choices are made in the same context.”

But if he chooses the wrong side, how can he be defended? Maybe his productive information is misinformation? I didn’t see any documents supporting his claims. I saw him, I saw pictures. I heard him, I heard his pictures. I can show you pictures and words…who says they are true?

“ Equality in context of left leaning, genuine left leaning, means all the people are equal in the eyes of the law, as in the statue of the lady with the scale. “

Now to me that is a right leaning concept. All are equal in the eyes of the law. Justice. True Justice. And what I think is the left says that but then when it is implemented you get things like ACORN; Social Security; Obamacare

Your input is welcome as well. I think I have missed it and that is why I spent time today talking instead of doing my bookwork.

Now I need to do supper work. This is a very rough cut. I am sure it is probably worse than my last as I have typed fast and not been careful nor have I reread. I hope it makes sense.

Did I shoot the messanger?