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'Compromise' ? . .

I hope enough people see now that the other side is only interested in disarming the American people.

While the recent mass shooting was tragic, these kind of events are more unlikely than being struck by lightening. (Just websearch the number of people struck by lightening versus those in such mass shootings over the last 10 years.) But, you sure don't hear calls to make new laws to 'protect' us from lightening, do you ?

Its all emotional manipulation.

What has seemed to be common in just about all of these mass shootings is that the killer was taking psychiatric drugs which can increase the likelihood of suicidal and violent behavior. Why isn't there a call to investigate this ? Over the last few weeks, millions of law abiding citizens who are gunowners, didn't hurt anyone. Yet the emphasis is placed on us.

The antis aren't stupid. They can find this information as easily as we can. Despite their lying words . . . they Do want to disarm us.

It will be up to us, if we'll fall for it . . . or not.