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ummmm ok

I'll admit that my comment seems to have nothing to do with this post (which I found quite insightful). In fact I down voted the comment myself. I honestly don't know where I was coming from there.

But a couple things:
1. I'm not a typical skier. there are many many skiers that pay close attention to things. do board or something?

2. AJ is WAY better than MM... or maybe AJ is WAY worse than MM. Depends on your perspective. Hear me out.

If AJ is accurate 90% of the time and 10% is misguided due to human error and effects from the massive amount of propaganda that is poured on us, then that is actually really good. All things considered 90% worthy of listening too and would make him WAY better than MM.

However, if that 10% is due to something else, then that's a different story all together. If AJ is controlled opposition, and that 10% is effectively used to distract or mislead the listeners when needed to protect certain interests, then that would make him very deceitful and WAY worse than MM (who is just a goon).

I don't know which scenario is closer to the truth, however I do believe that there is enough evidence to make me suspicious. I wouldn't have even brought it up before seeing a post on here, the independent media. And I am always encouraged when we can rout out the controlled opposition and statists plants (you KNOW they are attempting it, so you KNOW not everyone is on your side). I'll find the post and show it to you to see what you think.


Here is the OP:

The OP's message itself is worth reading.