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LOL this is ridiculous.

LOL this is ridiculous. Micheal, this site is going in the sewer without swear words. I was trying to find out where the filter setting is, which I assumed was there mistakenly.

However the new base of your site which loves watching people shout at each other, has insulted and shouted me down, almost starting with you. You've all been much more crass than most sailors, and without swearing. Do neocons secretly want to see the swear words too or something?

Lets start with what I wasn't trying to accomplish. I wasn't trying to find out a bunch or losers opinions of swearing.

So what I am trying to accomplish? I started trying to find a button that's not there. Now, I'm trying to figure out what went wrong in this community.

Plus Micheal, I've seen you treat other members this way and it always stuck in my craw. I don't know why you're so snarky to the people who respect.. respected you. I guess it's the same old problem everyone has when they get stuck in a bubble of yes men. They can't stand someone anymore who 'doesnt know who i am'. I mean, look again at the demeaning way you've addressed me in every single post. You never even asked what I meant. You assumed you knew, thought I was wrong because you actually didn't know, and proceeded straight to nasty. I mean... "Hey kid". Gimme a break. You took 20 minutes to write a post about how wrong I was and didn't even bother to check if I was wrong. You took another 5 minutes to pontificate on lazy writers and still couldn't check to see if I was correct. I posted a screenshot and I'm guessing you haven't bothered to check that. So hey kid, why are you like this? I'm dying to know if you'll ban me or not for standing up to you.

(And if you want this on for everyone, all the time, I could care less. At least do it right. As it stands, the search bots can see the swear text but your members can not... which is why i assumed it was a setting.)