Comment: Haven't watched in quite some time . . . .

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Haven't watched in quite some time . . . .

I have no idea who the 'Super Bowl' contenders are, and don't care. Same with the other sports I used to watch. The only spectator sports that will get my attention are those played by the youngsters in our extended family - to cheer them on.
I convinced an older relative to give up t.v. for awhile. While doing so, she has read dozens of books. She says her house is more peaceful without the constant drone of the t.v. playing constantly in the background.

Tell most Americans that you don't watch t.v. (I cancelled the cable long ago) and they look at you in utter incomprehension. Its as though youre a two headed alien. Drive down many residential streets in the USA and youll see no activity outside and the blue glow of television shining out from many houses.

Commercial T.V. - - - one of the worst things to hit America, and imported around the world.