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Mo(o)re like Psy-Op

Of course I throw down a poke as a boarder - as a 12 step recovering skier I had too.

Jones is far from controlled opposition. In fact, Jones is out of control. As Andy pointed there are those who live vicariously through others and I must say when I first heard the Alex Jones Show during the ramp up to Y2K, I questioned his motives and QUESTIONED EVERYTHING. But that was Jones point and has been: Question everything he states, get up off your butt and check it out on your own. There were many times I did. Yet there were three things I realized had in common with Jones within the first year of listening to him from time to time.
1. Ron Paul
2. Motorhead
and 3. Problems with Gov. Keating's live press conference, which was on every cable news channel, stating bombs were found in the Murrah Federal Building after the explosion. (How did these bombs get there?)

I disagree with Jones' approach on many an occasion. He is a dynamic individual. Yet despite the man's shortcomings, Jones has never stated to shoot or kill anyone, he has never supported a General Election Democrat or Republican Presidential Candidate, and maybe he is a political relief valve, just as Andy has stated; but Jones continues to ask for justice through traditional Grand Jury. I agree with Andy, vicarious is right. And as many on radio have already commented, they would have loved to rail on Piers Morgan, but Jones provided the steam no one else seemed to have been able to muster before. I may not agree with Jones 100% of time, but who agrees with anyone 100% of the time.

Jones can be wrong on fact, but he does acknowledge and recant facts when he is wrong. Admitting one is wrong is one of the first the steps to becoming a mature adult. Morgan and Moore will never be adult enough to do that, they're to busy supporting the grand chess board and great psy-op that keeps the power brokers in play and our liberty in turmoil.