Comment: n-word said over 110 times, but in an over the top way

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n-word said over 110 times, but in an over the top way

that made it silly and even funny.

The gore and several other things were also over the top, which made it silly and funny.

It didn't try to be serious about slavery.... but it was about making a action hero movie...complete with revenge and romantic interest. Frankly, it was quite a formula action movie. ..just in an environment that pushed some people's buttons.

I actually think its good that most blacks aren't reacting so knee-jerk to the n-word. It shows that they have gained enough confidence that they can have a sense of humor about it. Perhaps they always did, but the media stereotyped them as being knee-jerkishly violent, like children.

BTW: I saw Django in a theater where all were black except me (I was smack-dab in the middle). They seemed to treat it as any other awesome gory action movie. I didn't feel any weird vibe at any time.

Of course, I don't condone saying the n-word. It's very low brow with strong associations to horrible things, and like all low brow stuff, it's not appropriate.