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Comment: what a dreamer....

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what a dreamer....

Yeah....listen to his audio...his sentimental/emotional HOOK.....wall us in, then gas us to death within your walls Glenn, you media clown!!!

The WHOLE nation should exemplify your "values"; and that's your problem, Glenn....that's Ron Paul's vision, and our sir, are either a liar, or an emotionally unstable wreck....I suspect the former, and putty in the hands of your handlers because Jesus Christ is not your personal savior; although you love to BORROW from His teachings like every other conservative ENEMY of Ron Paul....which is your fruit!!!

It didn't work for Christian Exodus and Cory Burnell in South Carolina over a decade ago....but....maybe with your "pool of wealth" and media friends who HATE/FEAR Ron Paul and his delegates, it'll happen?

Open HYPOCRISY, and the height of an oligarch attitude....will Lindsay Graham and all Israel-first evangelicals get a 10% break on college costs, or maybe a break on building permits in your new Jerusalem?

Listen here: