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ONE MISTAKE Ben Shapiro made was...

that he opened a can of worms, as soon as he stated that he would be for getting the weapons out of the hands of mentally ill. The only exception I would make would be a proven drug addict. That would be it, and he/she would have to have a history of using. It could not include legally prescribed medications. But, herein lies some of the problems---the abuse of drugs. How do you know about that?

The point is---WHO would define who is "mentally ill"? This opens up the government getting involved in yet one more program, you see, and in them making that determination. And, if any of their political enemies ever, and I mean EVER, took one prescription for depression, even though it may have been a low dose and a few weeks, they could target all those political enemies and take their guns away.

We CANNOT afford this to happen. If a person has a felony on their record, they automatically cannot have a weapon. Otherwise, anybody can. And, we all know any criminal, ex-con, or crazy can get access to a gun illegally.

This whole thing is about upping the ante on control of the masses, as the elite rulers over Washington D.C. step up their fascist authoritarian dictatorship rule!