Comment: really, "we're in danger"??? Barely 60 days into Obama's 2nd

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really, "we're in danger"??? Barely 60 days into Obama's 2nd


...if an Alex Jones, full of fire and patriotic fervor, was a DELEGATE from the great state of Texas, and having been equipped in understanding and application of Roberts Rules of Order, made a LOUD objection(another "shot heard 'round the world") when Boehner read the results of the voice vote off a teleprompter after they were presented with Dr. Paul's eligibility to be on the ballot by rule of pluarilty in 5 states ... boy, just imagine...

We were in DANGER back then, and we knew it; and we did as Ron Paul urged us to do... you self-serving, paid ACTOR!!!

GET LOST, Alex!!! - you're BAD NEWS for Dr. Paul's restoration of America via good manners, sound arguments, and patient and PROFESSIONAL presentation for persuasion's sake!

I'll take Tom Woods, Peter Schiff, Kent Hovind, Rand Paul, Larry Pratt, and a whole host of other people who do not behave like you; and I will forever suspect you are doing this to us all ON PURPOSE...."they" need us to fire the first shot!