Comment: Very good point, fishyculture.

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Very good point, fishyculture.

Perhaps, the 2 billion rounds of ammo purchased by the DHS, paid for with borrowed monies levied against we who pay taxes, has a double purpose. Ammunition is scarce, now, the result being fewer supplies for the militia, but ammo aplenty for the purpose of the implementation of tyranny, most likely to be enforced by U.N. troops. Truly, a patriot against the world scenario will have unfolded should Soetoro the Fraud attempt to force upon the people of the U.S. the U.N. sponsored small weapons treaty that SOS Clinton helped to craft. Of course, the treaty is directly opposed to the 2nd amendment, but given the banter of MSM and government, at all levels, such is of little concern or consequence, and, probably, nothing short of an overt display of the Bill Of Rights on the White House lawn and at all State capitols will cause for the village idiots to become responsible, maybe.

How bout a vote. Even Congress and the Usurper convey the U.S. government to be a democracy. Article IV, sec. 4 of the Constitution references a Republic based on the rule of law. However, if it's a democracy they want, then, indeed, let's be compeltely democratic about governance and vote for big government or small government. Then folks can pinpoint which areas of the country are like minded and formulate a more harmonious existence, together. People who want big government to regulate their choices in life can live together and those who would feel more at home with a hands on, individual and local control of their affairs would live together. Essentially, the divide would become the Federal USA and the Patriot's Republic of the USA. Problems solved.

Anybody think such an idea would gain any traction in the halls of justice, Washington, D.C. and at the State level? Of course, it's logical the Patriot's Republic would, naturally, inherit the government arsenal. The federal debt goes the other way, to the Federal USA, again, naturally. "Irrational," you say. Actually not. The federals established the debt, and don't seem to have any compunction for it, so they can just continue to do the same.