Comment: Can I clear something up for you, guy?

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Can I clear something up for you, guy?

I almost vote everything you do down because you are a whiny bitch and I find you to be fake and annoying, and some of the time, I think you are an actor for some foreign country because nobody could be as obsessed with a website as you are...

And I have nothing to do with any other member, and I've never been in cahoots with anything. I just serious detest you, your posts, your poems, your posts, your fake bullshit, your temper tantrums, your paranoid schizophrenia, your obsession with Michael that will probably end with you finding his house, wearing his clothes and weeping in his bathroom....

I cannot even believe how much I hate you, as you are just an Internet figure. It is truly amazing that you can piss someone off to this point. If I were a candidate for anything, I would steer far away from you.

Do you know that I would not even consider supporting Gary Johnson last year because of you? Seriously, you were such an annoying troll, I make a decision to write in Ron Paul because I didn't want to associate with anything some retard like you would promote. Great job you fake activist.