Comment: How have I been a dick?

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How have I been a dick?

I can be, so I won't argue that point. But how I have been in this particular conversation?

But I will answer your question.

Indirect is another pretty word to make the theft somehow seem more legitimate. Let me explain:

The government levies an indirect tax on food items (sales tax counts as an indirect tax). So that you must pay their sales tax in order to purchase food. They place a sales tax on land, so that you must pay their sales tax in order to purchase land to grow food.

It is voluntary in the sense that you can be forced to pay their tax or starve. Now, explain how that is different than any of the current schemes? And explain how voluntarily choosing to starve is in fact a choice?

Taxation is theft. If it was voluntary, it would be called charity and not a tax, and you would have a choice to pay or not.

If the government chose to provide value-added services, and charge for them, that would not be a tax, but then again, it wouldn't be a government anymore either, it would be a business.

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