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Thesis - Antithesis

Synthesis: We have no idea what it will be like. No freaking idea. It is going to be a C I R C U S. Remember the left did to Rand before - in the Senate Race? It was just dumb: Aqua Buddah, etc.

He made the other guy - I forget his name now - behave like a fool.

It is going to be a fight. I can already see the factions forming on the Daily Paul.

- It'll be exactly the same as before - he'll get screwed
- No it won't! He will win! HE WILL WIN!!!!!!!

It will be a tiresome fight, that goes on forever between the emotionally minded. Meanwhile, everyone will be so busy paying attention to that fight - because it will be like two megaphones in a room - that they'll fail to pay attention to what Rand is actually doing, and checking where he is in the standings of the people that matter:

Not just Republicans - That is just the semi-finals. He has to appeal to enough of the left as well. He'll have to try to cut off himself an ear of the Left, to put him over the top. Rubio's ace in the hole is the Hispanic vote - not to be racist. Rand's ace in the hole is us - or how much of us - the radical, rabid, libertarian base of his father. goes with him. Maybe with us, he doesn't have to pick up the left at all. A strong non-interventionist streak would work well with libertarians AND the left. That's two for one and a trick that no one else could likely play. Is that the card he'll play?

Or will he go full bore neo-con.

Like I said, this is like watching a one man soap opera. It should be good.