Comment: Roll your Thunder Jones!!

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Roll your Thunder Jones!!

This is the way we all should be responding. What do people think they want the guns?

It aint cause they sincerely believe it will make children safer.

When they take the guns, what do you think our society will be like very shortly thereafter?

The king, err President, claims the right to assassinate American citizens. We had to give up the Liberty with the PatAct and MilComAct because Al Quada was going to get us all.

Now we support All CIA’da, first in turning Libya into hell hole, and now we support these terrorist to start WWIII with Iran through Syria.

It is time for American men to stop acting like the family dog who lost his jewels. We are facing stone cold soviet style totalitarianism. The only thing preventing the iron curtain & fist falling on us is the fact America is armed.

This is the time dear friends. This when we will stand strong, loud and fierce or… we will chat about the proper way to communicate with authoritarian control freaks as they gather the nighly urine sample in our neighborhoods.

The time for polite was gone after the third state convention in which our country and election was hijacked.

How did Dr Paul describe them in his farewell? Psychopathic control freaks?

This cannot be a successful endeavor for the state or it is all over.


Liberty = Responsibility